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Bear Napoleon


Napoleon Bear stand proudly at 50cm tall (no hat),  (57cm with hat) and weighs 1.8kg

He is a traditional style bear, part of an on going collection of ‘Heritage Bears”, which have five articulation joints.

He is made in German semi sparse mohair in rich gold for the arms, and head and a short pile faux fur for his body and legs above the boot line. Napoleon has German black glass boot button style eyes and details for the mouth and nails have been embroidered in a black pearl thread.

Napoleon costume has been researched &  faithfully recreated, by myself to give him an authentic appearance. His boots and hat are made in a black-green suedeen. His hat is fully lined and edged with a black satin bias binding, a gold cord holds the hats shape and loops over an anchor motif button. Under the cord there is a hand plated rosette barring the French national colours, blue, white and red. The fully lined waist coat is made in a heavy white cotton which buttons up the front, the same fabric has been used on the jacket  lapels. Over his waist coat he has a navy blue wool jacket which is lined in red silk,  the jacket has fold back lapels, which are held into place with brass buttons. There are red flash details on the tails of the coat at the side which picks out the shape of the jackets design. The shoulder epaulettes in a gold fabric edged with trim, have been accurately hand crafted and are attached to the jacket with a button. I have created two medals as sympathetically to historical detail and to accommodate the scale of the bear as possible.


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