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Pic-nic-bears was opened as a business on 1st December 2013.

I have been creating with fabric since a very young age and graduated from University with an Art & Design Degree. Since 2001 the passion for creating artistically created OOAK bears and dolls came about partly thanks to my husband who had a collection of Artist Teddy Bears when we met, I have been designing and making OOAK bears and dolls ever since.

The current teddy bear collection is the first of many creations yet to be made and each individual bear is lovingly hand made with the greatest attention to detail, in the best quality materials. I uphold a long history in bear making, by crafting my bears in the traditional way. Each new design undertaken  is a new experience which pushes me further, developing my creative ideas which drives me to continually create.

I am currently residing in the Champagne area of France along with my husband. As well as making Teddy bears & soft sculptures I paint fine art pictures in oil and acrylic paints, in my art studio, “Coin Perdu”.

In June 2014 I was awarded by the Academic Society, Arts, Science, Lettres Paris a Medal for my talent as a painter and for my contribution to modern fine art.

Hand painted Owl on Silk, by Nicole Woodward.

Which was in the lining of a reversible cloak for a bear, Arianrhod the Celtic Goddess of the silver wheel, to enable her to turn into an owl!

OOAK Bears, One Of A Kind Teddy Bears, Artistic Bears, Bear Repairs


“Occasionally people come along that are not content with simply moving things along. They want to take things further, tear up the plans and start again. Then take another brave step, they will see the future and knock down the walls to reach it. Insist that the dream is possible. Overcome all indecision and take a running jump into the uncharted. Board by reinvention of the superficial kind, they want more, because there goal is not to improve in what has been done before but to totally reimagine it.”

Inspiration comes to me from many sources … my interest in art, literature, history, different religions, persons of interest, places I have travelled, my experiences and memories, an antique shop, a car boot sale or a colour and from the fabrics and materials I source and use. 

My creativity blends and mixes all my inspirations and influences with my ideas like an alchemist melting pot, or an artist paint pallet.

I never know exactly how an idea will turn out, it’s a journey and the goal post move and change along the creative high way. It can make it difficult sometimes to start an new project but it keeps things challenging, fresh, new and exiting which drives me to craft new creations.

``A moment of complete happiness never occurs in the creation of a work of art. The promises of it is felt in the act of creation but disappears towards the completion.``

Lucian Freud the Artist

I think that this is true as an artist as you can always think of a better way, a different way of doing things and this also keeps me creating and thinking constantly of new approaches and ideas. I have so many ideas that I do not think I have enough life to make them all!”



Please feel free to contact me on anything you require, whether it be a bit a friendly advice on an idea you may have or a bear you would like restoring

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